COMIKON – Istanbul 2019

Is coming in full swing!!

October 19-20, 2019

Harbiye Military Museum Culture Site


This year COMIKON-Istanbul Festival is preparing to entertain visitors with popular culture elements such as comics, cartoons, character design, game design, illustration, CosPlay, sci-fi cinema, fantastic literature, FRP /card/box games, social media, YouTuber, new technologies and many more surprise events!

COMIKON-Istanbul aims to create a strong sector in our country by bringing the comic convention activity which has been held for many years in all major metropolises around the world to Istanbul and enable talented young people to gain international recognition, to gain vision by coming together with internationally accepted talents. For this purpose, we have been hosting many domestic and foreign institutions and artists for three years and creating synergy among the participants.

COMIKON-Istanbul, which has attracted great interest from all parties interested in creative drawing, will be moved to a more central location from this year on 19-20 October 2019 at the Harbiye Military Museum Culture Site, famous for its Mehter Band performances.


Highlights of COMIKON-Istanbul 2019

  • A first in Turkey!: TV TOKYO, one of Japan’s largest media companies is at COMIKON!

TV TOKYO, an important producer of world-famous series such as Naruto, Boruto, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Gintama, Pokemon, SONIC X and Yu-Gi-Oh will be presenting original anime products and V-Tuber (Virtual Youtuber) technologies to anime-lovers.

  • A first in Turkey!: Asurafilm, a prominent anime studio from Japan is at COMIKON!

Asurafilm, an anime studio that has been involved in many important anime productions such as Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NINJA, Berserk, Altair: A Record of Battles, Little Witch Academia, World of Final Fantasy, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Odyssey of the Celestial Ark will be at COMIKON. Asurafilm will talk about the Japanese anime industry with its experienced animators and producers, and will explore talent hunting by examining the portfolios of young talents. Great opportunity awaits young people with a passion for storytelling at COMIKON!

  • A first in Turkey!: The sport of the future/ Techno-sport HADO is at COMIKON!

HADO, known as the “Sport of the Future” is a great game that combines AR technology with e-sports. Currently, the game is spreading around the world at an incredibly rapid pace and the HADO World League has already been established. For those who want to see the limits of technology and sports, a HADO field will be established at COMIKON. Those who are confident, computer game and sports lovers can play this game in teams of three. Come and play!


  • A first in Turkey!: V-Tuber technology is at COMIKON!

The virtual YouTubers created with V-Tuber technology, where an animated character is presented on the screen, are becoming world-famous stars. After the great successes of the hologram singers such as Hatsune Miku, the V-tuber stars with the potential of merchandising are rising rapidly starting from Asia. An unmissable opportunity awaits those who want to see how V-tubers are created or for entrepreneurs who want to create their own stars using this technology at COMIKON.


  • Toru Furuya the voice actor of Yamcha of “Dragon Ball” and Sabo of “One Piece” is at COMIKON!

This year COMIKON will welcome the veteran voice actor Toru Furuya best known for his roles as Yamcha (Dragon Ball), Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya), Mamoru Chiba-Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon), Sabo (One Piece), Amuro Ray (Gundam). A must see (or hear) for anime-lovers of all ages!


  • Yuriko Yamaguchi the voice actor of Nico Robin of “One Piece”, Orochimaru of “Naruto” is at COMIKON!

Yuriko Yamaguchi, a voice actor with nearly 30 years of experience in the anime industry is coming to COMIKON Istanbul. Best known for her roles of Nico Robin (One Piece) and Orochimaru (Naruto), the veteran voice actor will be on stage for all anime-lovers!


  • Satoshi Shiki the artist of the world-famous series “Attack on Titan: Before the Fall” is at COMIKON!

The guest of honor of this year’s COMIKON Satoshi Shiki will show how he draws the series, talk about how he became a mangaka and demonstrate live how a mangaka draws during the live-draw event. In addition, he will present a signed, original drawing to a participant with a draw between the participants of this session!! Those who miss this session may regret it! Satoshi will also give a speech and do a signing session.




  • Noriyuki Abe the director of Bleach and Boruto is at COMIKON!

Noriyurki Abe, best known for directing Bleach and the globally known series Boruto will be at COMIKON! Also known for his work on series like Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins). Another must see for all anime-lovers!


  • Talent hunt continues: Jean Wacquet, Editor-in-Chief of the French publishing house Edition Soleil is at COMiKON!

Jean Wacquet, the chief editor of Edition Soleil, one of the largest comic book publishers in France, is looking for talented young people who want to become comics artists. Wacquet will give a seminar on how a successful portfolio should be, and will meet those who want to be an international illustrator and evaluate their portfolios. Another great opportunity for those who dream of becoming a comics artist will be at COMIKON.


  • Anime producer Shigetaka Mochizuki is at COMiKON!

Shigetaka Mochizuki, the founder of Asurafilm who started his career as a manga artist, founded Asurafilm in 2013 and started producing anime, including world-famous anime like Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NINJA, Berserk, World of Final Fantasy and Little Witch Academia.


  • Dragon Artist Yumeshi Kokubun is at COMIKON!

Young artist Yumeshi, who travels all over the world drawing dragons with his unique style will share his techniques at the live-draw event. He will tell the story of the dragon, the symbol of wisdom in the Far East, in a performance that combines storytelling with calligraphy.

Furthermore, as a part of the “COMIKON Academy” program, numerous entertaining and educational content will be waiting for the visitors, starting with the cartoon/animation activities of the universities.

  • Artist Alley in which 60 artists will exhibit their work
  • Anisong Grand Prix singing contest
  • COMIKON Fight! Offline game tournament
  • Cosplay workshops
  • CosPOWER Catwalk
  • K-Pop dances
  • Just Dance
  • Life-Draw events (Drawing of cosplayer models under supervision)
  • FRP/card/box games
  • Maid Cafe: Food and drinks from the anime universe
  • Origami, Manga painting, Japanese writing stands
  • Figure, merchandise, book, drawing supplies stands
  • Animation making experience on light tables
  • Panels and talks on various topics such as Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, anime and games, fantastic literature, sci-fi cinema and many more…


And many more events that you will not want to miss are waiting for you …